Sorry Tumblr I Believe You Are Mistaken

After years of continuous face-palming while scrolling through my dash I've finally decided to soothe my vexation and save my poor face by starting this blog where I'll be trying my best to counter the posts I personally find most obnoxiously ignorant (and sometimes the ones I just find kind of annoyingly inaccurate) or reblogging those who already have. I will also attempt to reintroduce the concept of civilized, rational discourse. Because am I just too old for this website or do we all just need to take it down a notch?

Yes, I'm aware that a lot of that sounds arrogant. It's just my personal place to vent which happens to be public, if people like it that's ok, if not that's okay too.

except on tumblr it’s more like going to a star wars convention wearing a shirt that says “han solo is ok but luke skywalker’s story arc is more interesting to me personally” and then having hundreds of people call you a stupid cunt because you hate han solo and chewy and are obviously a racist or a misogynist and your pushing of the skywalker agenda is harassment and causing everyone panic attacks and don’t you know that skywalker is triggering for people who have lost hands and why are you such an asshole  
then ten people wearing gray masks tell you to kill yourself